street hockey season

This street hockey tournament is about the information you will need to know for the tournament. First of all you will pick 3 teams or less you will report the teams to me by giving me a message or call and I will set up the season and you will be playing your first ever street hockey season. At the end of the season we will see which team has the most wins and there will be the stanly cup!!! This procces will be very easy just follow these things and you will get the hang of it. Get ready for the season of fun.

2015 us open

After one major win for Jordan Speith he will get ready for major two of the year.This golf course is placed at chambers bay seattle a very hard course to play on.Day four final day.Hole eighteen Jordan Speith finishes at getting birdie so Dustin Johnson will go for eagle to win.And the ball doesen’t want to go in so he will try for birdie to tie and there will be a playoff and the was just wide so Jordan Spieth has just won the masters and the us open he wins two major’s in a row and goes into 2nd place behind Rory Mcilroy.So Jordan Speith will try three major’s in a row as he goes into the British open.

Golf masters

In the masters Phil mickleson is doing pretty good so far but needs to work harder.Tiger woods ends the day with 7 witch is good but the leader Jordan Spieth has won the masters and they say he is a young guy from Texas and he wins with age 21 and he is the master champion of golf what a win.

Bayernmunich and manchestercity

In the championsleage bayernmunich has never lost  a game in the championsleage this year.Manchestercity is having a struggle as they made it into the championsleage .I think manchestercity is going to be out of the championsleage quickly.Bayernmunich is most lickely to win the championsleage because they have never lost a soccer game .Bayernmunich has amazing players on there team .They have 7 worldcup players thats how bayern munich is so good .Maybe next year for manchestercity.



We played at lake zurich  today . We were ready to win I was playing in center mid . About  8min into the game ELA was winning 1-0 we tried are best to score. 2nd half  it was still 1-0  11 min We scored it was WILLSON 1-1 was the score. 9min WILLSON scored again 2-1 FCB leads.  11 secods later ELA scored 2-2  right after we scored. The game ended 2-2 we went to jimmy johns in lake zurich I saw ANDY there.